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(1) Matatabi Translation Services(またたび翻訳サービス)

  • English Editing Services
  • Japanese-to-English Translation Services
(2) Matatabi Translator Training Centre(またたび翻訳者養成教室)
  • Translator Resources (Dictionaries, Corpora…)
  • Online Translator Training Courses

Matatabi Translator Training” education and resources is now being overseen by Prof. John McLean, head to translation and interpreting at Yasuda Women’s University in Japan. If you have any suggestions about how our new site can be improved, or translation/interpreting courses that you think we should offer feel free to contact him directly at either of the following email addresses:

(3) Matatabi Press(またたび出版)

We recently registered as a publishing house in Japan. In August 2021, we plan to release a series of Japanese graded readers. We also plan to recruit a team of translators and editors to render these stories into English for the international market. If you are interested in joining our team, contact me, Jack Moffat, at:

(4) Matatabi Holdings(またたび・ホールディングス)

This is our holdings company. You can find a link to all of the above sites here.